Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo

This Saturday is the last weekend for the Bryce Canyon Country Rodeo!! All summer season from Memorial until the end of August each Wednesday through Saturday Ruby’s Inn hosts the sport of rodeo. Local up-and-comers and travelling cowboys display their skills in this western competition at the Ruby’s Inn Rodeo Grounds. This rodeo is a great place for young riders to hone their skills. This rodeo also has heart and over the years when two young local kids and their families have been blindsided by tragic events, this rodeo family has risen to support them. One family suffered the loss of their young daughter in a tragic childhood accident and the rodeo family rallied to support this family through the unexpected loss. A second family, who having already lost their father to a motorcycle accident, received news that their adolescent son had been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Again this rodeo family rose to the occasion and organized a benefit night to help aid and support the family through diagnosis and treatment. The sport of rodeo is born from the icon traditions of settling the American West, and the spirit lives through the quality of people in the rodeo family. We hope you will join us in a celebration of these traditions and people. See you August 23rd!!

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