Tips on Taking Perfect Photographs

Photography is a skill that people love to master as either a career or just for fun. Mostly used for fun when taking trips or for a career as a professional photographer in the line of fashion or any other line. In all these, the most important thing is setting up your camera at the right position in order to take the best photos. That is true of Bryce Canyon as well, getting the perfect photo of those red hoodoos isn’t easy, and takes practice.

People tend to take photos at a lower resolution in order to reduce the file size and have them sent over the email. In case you want to enlarge the photo, this will be a tough thing as the picture will be grainy. The good thing is that computers these days can be installed with a photo editing software. This software helps in reducing the file size of the photo when needed. Also, it is better to reduce the size of the file for a large photo than enlarging the size of file containing a small photo. The reason behind this is that you tend to lose the quality of the photo. You don’t want to get the perfect shot of a Bryce Canyon sunset, only to not be able to blow it up larger.

When taking photos, it is better to set the camera on auto focus. This eases the job of the cameraman as the camera tends to do most of the job through estimating the distance and focus for accurate photos. Also, they tend to be fast when taking photos and also they will not have to focus on each shot. Though there are some changes that can be made in a photo, a blurry photo remains just blurry.

Also, you should consider when taking the background of the photos. The background of the photos should not worry you very much as we can change it. The consideration you have to make is ensuring that the background is simple, uncluttered. Choose either a blank wall, sitting on a chair, lounge or on the floor, or even out on the grass.
Another thing to consider is the lighting. Avoid taking pictures facing directly in the source of light. In case you take photos outdoors, always ensure that the sun is behind you and facing the subject. This will light up the subject and present a better picture. The best time to take photos is either early in the morning or late in the afternoon as the sun will not be harsh.

Another tip is to take as many photos as possible from any angle as you get to capture many moods in the process. This provides you with an array of choice to pick from when you through with the photo shoot. Any kind of emotion can lead to a beautiful story being told. The best pictures of a subject are taken either at a tilted angle. You can also wish to kneel and take their photos. All you have to do is to make their faces look presentable and let them tell their story by themselves. In other cases, take their pictures when they are unaware as they reveal their character then. Ensure you take them in open space not unless you are a detective or secret agent.

When taking photos, it is important you take them in at least three angles. You can take portrait photo which includes the head and shoulders, full body shot and funny also a funny shot. You may either take them as they lie down, stand up or when sitting.

Make the children laugh or smile

You may be assigned to take the children photos or an inclusive family photo. If you choose the theme of the picture to be invitational, the reactions of the subjects have to reflect these. It is hard to make a child get into the picture especially if they are not happy.

To make them happy, you can get to learn what they love. Warm up to them and they will get to tell you everything. In the event of taking their photos, make them imagine that they are super-heroes for the boys, or queens for the girls. This is just one example. Us their imagination on them and they will in turn be happy.
If not so, you may try to engage a friend of yours to kind of distract them. You may play around with them and make them happy or use a squeaky animal that produces a funny sound to them which will make them laugh. In turn, you can make funny faces that will make them laugh. Only do so if you are confident you can pull it off otherwise you may end up making them angrier. Another tactic is saying something funny and abrupt that makes them happy. Instead of saying “Cheese”, you can change and say something funny such as “Mommy has rabbit ears!!” or something of the sought.

The most important tip yet, as a photographer, do not have to worry about getting the great shot. Any good shot can be enhanced and made to suit the needs of your photo. Though a great shot will be a great joy for you and the family, there are always other alternatives. When taking photos of Bryce Canyon it kind of makes everyone a pro, because the canyon itself is so incredible it’s hard to take a bad photo.

Photo Credit: NikonKnight

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