Ebenezer Bryce- What a man!

Bryce Canyon is just a beautiful area, and it has some interesting history behind it. People often wonder where the name Bryce Canyon came from. This is a history lesson of the beautiful Bryce Canyon. Pioneers came to this area starting in the 1860’s. (This does not include the Silvestra Velez de Escalante, who passed through Escalante area in the 1700’s) Families started establishing a town called Clifton, close modern day Cannonville, near the Paria River and Henrieville Creek. A year after this town was established; Ebenezer Bryce joined the families in this area. He created his homestead a mile outside of Clifton in Henderson Valley. He helped build irrigation ditches for the families in Clifton and created a road that lead up to the pink cliffs to help make the timber more accessible. The town’s folk started to call the amphitheater where the road ended, “Bryce’s Canyon.” Ebenezer Bryce did not stay in the area; he moved his family south into Arizona. Even though he was no longer around, the town’s folk continued to call the canyon “Bryce’s Canyon.” Ebenezer did not stick around but continue to influence this area today. He is one cool dude.
Bryce Canyon Girl

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